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  • Where are the production facilities of Peynoos?
    We only work with privately owned companies or dairy cooperatives based in Europe. This means we can always guarantee a high level of food safety and are in constant personal contact with the companies.
  • As an end user, can I purchase products directly?
    Our range is only available from the best-known German grocers and wholesalers.
  • Ich finde bei meinem Händler den gewünschten Artikel nicht Was kann ich tun?
    If an item you want is not available in the store, simply ask the responsible store management whether it is possible to include the item.
  • How do I as a distributor/trading partner purchase goods from Peynoos?
    Simply send us an inquiry by email and we will make a personal offer.
  • Is Peynoos also available in different countries?
    Peynoos is represented in 15 countries, including France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and the USA.
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